Not Joe Mama’s

My mission to develop a sauce with out-of-control flavor started in the 1980s. 


Although my parents were both great cooks, they never cooked with chili peppers.  Saturdays were spent in my grandmother’s kitchen frying wings and watching college football with my brothers.  With Gram by our side, it was love at first bite!


So it began, my journey to create the perfect wing sauce.


I struggled at first. Some recipes were too watery, much like those served at restaurants. Others were insanely hot with very little flavor. Over the years I experimented with different ingredients and regulated the amount of chili. After numerous trials I stumbled on to a flavor profile that was totally out-of-control, a sauce like no other! The winning recipe was all about flavor first, heat second.


I thought to myself – wow, what if restaurants and food lovers everywhere hit their foods with this kind of deliciousness and not just a simple wing sauce? 


I believed my sauce was a hit but what would others think? It was at that point I sauced my grilled wings and served them at house parties. But soon I noticed my guests were dipping nachos, accenting their burgers, brats and hot dogs with my sauce. At the end of the night they would argue over who would take home the leftover sauce, not the leftover burgers. It became a running joke. 


A buddy of mine said to me once: "Joe, this is the best thing since ketchup. You need to bottle your sauce." 

So here we are. I've created a sauce that’s unique to all sauces. It's not a BBQ sauce. It's not a hot sauce. It's Not Joe Mama’s Sauce.  


Try it on everything! You’ll be wowed!

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A classic sauce that is full of flavor with a nice bite; not over the top, just right. It’s a sauce that is like no other and is considered an "everyday sauce". Goes great with just about anything.


cajun blue cheese

The best of both worlds, the original sauce with blue cheese and a hint of cajun spice.  Many have mentioned that they even though they do not like blue cheese, they somehow love the sauce.  Great on chicken, burgers, seafood, and fries.  Mix with fresh cauliflower, then grill or bake.  YUM!  A top seller and the mildest of the sauces.

bourbon with a bite

Invited to a pig roast I challenged myself to create a sauce that would be great with pork. Also great on brisket, ribs, venison, and fish. Certainly a hit with anything coming off the smoker.

sweet onion

Sweet onion lovers this one is for you. Full of flavor with a sweet bite. Popular as an accent to anything off the grill, Mexican dishes, eggs, steamed green beans, and steamed broccoli.

baja mojoe

Many say Baja Mojoe may be my most unique sauce. Cumin, paprika, lime juice, and fresh cilantro make this sauce great on anything Mexican, steak, chicken, fries, and burgers.

bay 2.0

Bay 2.0 is my bay seasoned sauce, created after many many requests. Great on seafood, burgers, chicken, fries, and crab soup.

condiment, new brand, heat, hot, bbq, unique, marinade, all natural, gluten free, chili, chili pepper, low sugar




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